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Our Story

Our Work


We invite your

senses and mind

to experience joy


We are mindful of

your needs, desires,

and happiness


We consider your

lifestyle to prioritize

use and purpose


We create a positive,

lasting change on your home and community

Our Work

Our Story

We have been best friends, supporting and encouraging each other, since 7th grade. Hawthorne & Jade Design Co. was born as an opportunity for both of us to find more harmony and balance in our lives [hence the name "jade"]. Jade, also known as the "dream stone", helps you see your true self and shed any negativity that is holding you back. Thus, we took a chance to breathe new meaning into our lives and pursue our creative passions, together. 

Through our home staging + design services, we hope to bring this harmony and balance into your home. We believe that when you take the time to nourish the soul of your home, it can spark a ripple effect of rejuvenation throughout your life.

This is not just a job for us -- we have chosen to do this work so we can support our clients in the same manner that we support each other.


For every project that we take on, we stay true to our values to ensure that our clients enjoy the experience as much as we do. These values include: excellence, creativity, and efficiency.

Multifunctional Apartment

Rachel Covington

Rachel is the design guru of Hawthorne & Jade Design Co. Rachel’s aesthetic is fresh, bold, and clean, and she loves to blend several styles together in a beautiful, thoughtful way. Her go-to design is a sleek black-and-white color palette with wood and brass accents. When working with clients, Rachel’s goal is to create a functional, yet inviting, space that seamlessly pairs the client’s design aesthetic and lifestyle with the H&J vision.

A native of Danville, VA, Rachel is a Certified Staging Design Professional™. She also holds a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish from the University of Mary Washington and a M.A. in Nonprofit Leadership Studies from the University of Lynchburg. In the community, Rachel serves on the River District Association [RDA]  Board of Directors. 

Rachel loves to travel around the world and spend time outdoors, both of which inspire her design style. She is an animal-lover and has three cats — Morty, Millie, and Huxley. Rachel grew up playing tennis and still plays whenever she can. However, her husband, Philip, is a soccer coach, so much of her time is spent watching soccer [although she still needs to learn the rules of the game!].

CliftonStrengths™: Achiever, Adaptability,

Belief, Discipline, Relator

Rachel and Shelly_Door4-e.jpg

Shelly Switick

Shelly is the logistics mastermind for Hawthorne & Jade Design Co. Before returning to her hometown of Danville,VA, Shelly moved every one to two years, inspiring her to adopt a lifestyle that values optimization and efficiency. If ever you cannot find Shelly, just look in H&J’s warehouse — she will be drafting a new layout or building custom shelving to store inventory in the most resourceful way possible! Shelly’s style is based on the belief that, in a hectic world, a thoughtful and functional design can bring order and balance into a client’s home.

Shelly is a Certified Staging Design Professional™. She also holds a B.A. in Business Information Technology with a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Virginia Tech. Shelly has worked with the second-largest professional services network in the world for the last 10 years, but she has always had the drive and passion to start her own business. 

The opposite to Rachel, Shelly loves staying home and frequenting her favorite Mexican restaurant, although she does enjoy beach trips to Topsail Island with her husband, Matt, and her two young boys, William & James. Shelly is also competitive in the dog sport, Flyball, which keeps her and her five dogs busy!

CliftonStrengths™: Competition, Relator, Focus, Futuristic, Strategic 

Our Team
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